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SPUN GOLD MFG is the marriage of a formal education in ARCHITECTURE to passions as an ARTIST-MAKER. 


At home on a job site since fifteen years old I started with a broom and a drive. I continue to interface myself with every aspect of construction and fabrication available to me.  Hungry for experience through WOODALL BROTHERS CONSTRUCTION followed by EVERGREEN CONSTRUCTION and finally the UNM+SAAP Masters Architecture program i continue to adjunct my creative nature with a collective and increasingly necessary skillset.


In parallel since grade school, I have immersed myself in the printmaking community, first at UNM-TAOS up until the age of 18 when I departed to Hamilton College in upstate New York to pursue my BFA in Printmaking and darkroom Photography.   Printmaking and design shook hands within the studio culture of UNM+SAAP but admittedly I spent the majority of my time in the makerspace basement developing an ongoing fascination with manufacturing processed, machinery, and fabrication technologies.  


In 2007 SPUN GOLD MFG was born within that program and became my primary focus after finishing the program.  I continue to grow my creative skillsets in a Vitruvian mindset.  I have built a shop geared towards manufacturing in steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. I believe in cultivating strong MAKER culture as I teach CNC CAD/CAM technologies within the construct of the local community college and makerspace scenes.  Proficiency and experimentation in CNC technologies, 3D printing, laser cutting + etching, CNC / / manual machining, fine art printing, photo lithography, monotyping,  painting, and photography allow me to apply my art with brad strokes across varying mediums and applications both afront and within the built environment.  

At the intersection of a formal design education and a love for manufacturing SPUN GOLD MFG's continues to be informed by process and material currently available and still to come.


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